Your First Dedicated Office

I am writing this one from 14C on JetBlue. I am en route to Austin, TX for a quick visit to see Brett and the gang behind Ladder. Some things that are competing for space inside my brain right now:

  1. Trying to get a new concept out the door and finding first customers is hard and changes almost daily (no shit, Thom). About a year ago, Kevin and I were thinking about starting a general contracting firm to bid on interior fit out projects in Boston office buildings. Yikes. I think we have been through three evolutions of what we are trying to bring to market. Here’s where we are today: exists to serve the founder opening their first dedicated office. We think the founder(s) should be focused on protecting the long term vision, keeping some money in the bank, finding customers, and finding future teammates. Anything outside of those tasks would be “non-strategic”. We want to help limit exposure to non strategic tasks. A pile of non strategic tasks occurs in opening your first office. I’ve written about them before, but let’s hit it again:

  1. Making the decision to set up in a dedicated space.

  2. Hiring a broker.

  3. Developing a criteria list.

  4. Hitting the road to see spaces.

  5. Getting to a shortlist. 

  6. Negotiating multiple suitable options.

  7. Getting a lease signed on favorable terms for your team.

    1. Sublease?

    2. Turn-key style deal?

    3. As-is?

  8. Coordinating tasks to get the place open on time and for reasonable dollars. The coordination of these tasks can be painful.

    1. Internet service provider

    2. Furniture

    3. Tech tools (monitors, phones, wiring)

    4. Are you moving anything?

    5. Whiteboards

    6. Coffee/snacks/etc

    7. Logo/branding

    8. Is there any work being done to your suite (paint, carpet)

I know that I am forgetting others, but that’s a start. So where do we come in? Next week we will have a live web tool where you can outfit your first office in 5 minutes with 4 or 5 inputs. We think people want less choice and less shopping. We are offering to sell you a full office furniture package based on your headcount and move in date. Tell us how many people you have and we will sell you all of the stuff you need and deliver and install it so you can go back to work. Speed, simplicity, and a web buying experience that matches the way that people expect to buy. We’d love your feedback on V1.0 when it goes live. 

Your First Dedicated Office

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