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We think there is an opportunity to improve the tenant experience before they sign a lease in your building. The process for a tenant to “buy” office space is loaded with tasks and friction. They have to hire a broker, generate a list of possible spaces, build criteria to evaluate the options, eliminate some options, tour space, search the internet, come up with a short list, try to visualize their team in each space, evaluate the different proposals, negotiate to reach a letter of intent, hire a lawyer to review lease documents, sign a lease, design their office, work with furniture vendors, run a tel/data wiring project, coordinate a move from their old space, and have Comcast show up to turn on the internet, all while trying to serve their own customers, find new ones, lead their teams, and run their businesses.

We think our offering can allow the building owner to provide a great experience for the tenant before they sign a lease. Here it is…

  1. Blacksmith.work will be available during site tours to support the owner’s leasing team. At first, we will literally be there in the flesh. During the tour, we will conduct a customer needs assessment with the goal of finding out how they’d like to use the space. With this information and our design recommendations (kitchenette as a showplace/all hands location, most conference rooms are too large, no one puts enough storage into their designs, etc), we will be able to get to an optimal layout IN THE ROOM DURING THE TOUR. This will eventually be done through a video chat tool.

  2. We have visuals prepared to allow the customer to shop for a kitchenette and reception area during the site tour. Their selections will drive matching design throughout the space.

  3. Next day, we will deliver a PDF that contains a finalized partition plan and the design selections that were made. Customer goes back to work!

  4. This PDF goes to the owner’s preferred construction team for estimating. This estimate will become the input for the tenant improvements section of the proposal.

  5. We have a network of architects who are ready to start work on your project NOW to help generate permitted drawings to build from.

So what problem does this fix?

We’ve heard from the brokerage community that it is a challenge to collect accurate data on how a tenant wants to use a space. We can help with this.

Most (maybe all?) customers are not design/construction professionals. It’s going to be really hard for them to make decisions from a place of infinite possibilities. The customer would be better served by listening to their input and guiding them to make the right choices. Show them visuals, give them design rules, push them, help them.

Because we are making design decisions up front, we can save architect hours later in the process and control the timeline.

From a construction standpoint, it will be much easier to get cost data for these projects. This should help owners and customers reach a signed LOI faster.

Who is this for?

This is for building owners who are looking for a better way to serve prospective customers in the less than 10,000 square foot market. We think larger customers will have corporate real estate folks and the resources to tackle larger projects. These larger occupiers will be well served by the existing process.


$2000.00 to hire us to work on a space.

$200.00 Per hour fee for architect services after step 3 from above.

We are looking for someone who sees the world the way that we do and is willing to give us a shot.

Here’s how:

Email: tom@blacksmith.work

Call/text: 857-404-2589

We made this. Will you buy it?

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