Scrappy Teams

We are making a bet that there are people that plan to open offices that would be interested in used furniture and can’t easily access it today. One piece of that bet rests on the stories that companies tell about themselves. We are looking for teams that would describe themselves as SCRAPPY. Seth wrote about it yesterday. It’s great and worth reading here

Why did Jeff Bezos put doors on sawhorses in Amazon’s first office? 

From Nico Lovejoy (employee number 5), 

“We built door desks because it was the cheapest way we could support a desk,” said Lovejoy. “A lot of the things that we do are scrappy by nature. So long as the scrappy solution works.”

For Lovejoy, it also represents “ingenuity, creativity and peculiarity, and the willingness to go your own path.”

Did Amazon not have the cash for desks? Or could it have been part of the story that they wanted to tell about their company? Twenty plus years later, people still sit at door desks at Amazon. When they first started doing this in the early days, I bet it sent a strong message. It set the tone for who they wanted to be.

Scrappy Teams

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