On Your Own

Nobody is going to help you open your first office.  

The only resource that you have will be your broker. They will be hugely valuable in helping you find space and negotiate a lease. If you get a few chardonnays or bud lights into your broker, they will admit that they don’t want to spend time helping you with Tel/data and other tasks to get you up and running. They want to go away and work on more deals. 

You can expect to do most of the work yourself to get your first office open. The industry players (broker, architects, PMs, in house brokerage PM teams, vendors) are in a knife fight to chase Liberty Mutual, Rapid 7, Toast, Drift, etc. No one gives a shit about your little office. Except you (and us).

There is a level of old school grit and toughness required to get your shop opened. The sense of pride in shutting the lights and locking the door after a day in the trenches with your team is a HUMAN feeling that we want to inject into our veins. Have you ever changed the parts inside your toilet tank at home without calling a plumber? It feels great to be self sufficient. Watch a couple youtube videos and take a crack at it. When you hit the flusher and everything works perfectly? Fck, that’s a great feeling. 

We think that putting your logo on the wall at YOUR office taps into that same feeling. People that want this feeling are people that we want to help. 

On Your Own

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