This topic is borrowed from @David Cancel’s 2018 talk. You should go to this years event.

I’ve sold software for companies as recently as 4 years ago. Here is a typical customer (prospect) experience. Someone from marketing creates a compelling landing page with a link to download a whitepaper. After you click, we make you fill out a form with your contact info. At some point, we send you the whitepaper. You read this piece of content and maybe there are a couple of valuable nuggets. Great. However, you just signed up for a relentless barrage of emails, calls, and InMails, which will only stop after I get you on the phone. If I get you on the phone, I am working to see if I can get you to commit to a demo. Demo gets scheduled for a week later.

If I am visiting your site because of a piece of content that I want to read, let me read it now. If this piece really lands for me and I’d like to talk to someone about it, give me an option to connect with someone now. This matches with the way that today’s human buys stuff. I don’t want to wait. I’m sitting here with my CC in hand.

If I need a mortgage, I can download Rocket Mortgage. Their tagline is “click button, get mortgage.” If I need a new mattress, I never again have to go and sit down in a showroom and haggle for a mattress. There are 20 different companies who will ship one to my door tomorrow in a shrink wrapped package. I could buy a car online without ever setting foot on the lot. I can pull out my phone and find a date for tonight on any number of apps. I can get diapers sent to my house tomorrow in one click. I can have dinner picked up at my favorite restaurant and dropped off at my house without speaking to anyone. Recently, I coordinated a night’s stay in someone’s house in a Northern Ireland town from my phone in about 90 seconds, from US soil. I can get a ride anywhere in minutes. The trend is impossible to ignore. I think it’s crazy for a company not to embrace the way that humans buy. Even if you sell to businesses, you are selling to humans. This is how they like to buy. If I can buy a car online without speaking to anyone, does it make sense that I need to have three calls with an account executive to buy 5 seats of your software tool?


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