Asses In Seats

After you fight your way over the finish line and sign your lease, you trigger a new set of tasks that you probably heard about from your broker. Here are the things that you now own, that will require your time and dollars.

> Furniture (next biggest check to cut)
> Tel/Data (Phones, internet, TV screens, tech tools for people to do their jobs)
> Moving (are you bringing your stuff with you? Do you need to dispose of old junk?)

Let’s talk about furniture. Have you gotten pricing yet? Most furniture dealers will assign you an account executive, a project manager, and a designer. There will be email chains, calls, meetings, and visits to showrooms. Do you need all that? Some people do.

We are building a different way to buy office furniture. So, as Seth Godin likes to ask, what is it and who is it for?

What is it?

We have a way to source high quality used furniture that today’s younger companies can’t easily buy. You would need to hop in a car and get out to Framingham and Lynn and Haverhill and Manchester. You’d need to meet the salespeople, negotiate pricing, and coordinate delivery. We believe that you don’t want to do that. Our vision is to build a buying experience similar to the apps that you use everyday, to outfit your first office. We handle the back-end process (delivery, assembly, etc). Answer a few questions and we will present a full package of what you need.

Who is it for?

We are building this for companies that describe themselves as scrappy and frugal. For companies that want to save 4500 bucks on a 20k furniture quote. For someone that’s been conditioned to buy on Amazon, get groceries through Instacart, and use the mobile app religiously at Starbucks. For companies that would celebrate some mismatched chairs and tables with a few miles on them. For companies that do not want to spend hours on design. For people that want to eliminate the back and forth and be told what to do. For companies opening their first office. For 15 or 20 person teams that will sit in 2500 square feet. Is this you? We can help.

I have set up a little Drift chat tool (bottom right green bubble) if you’d like to connect. Brokers welcome always.

Asses In Seats

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