Your Outsourced Content Team

we launch podcasts and video projects

Podcast Production

A quality podcast takes six weeks to launch and 6 to 8 hours per episode to produce.Most companies can't redirect their existing team to a project like this. It's why most shows crap out after a few episodes.We can help you launch your show in a few weeks and come up with a program to churn out great content over the long haul.

Two Flavors

1. A six week engagement where we will launch your show and then train your team to take over.2. Full Stack podcast production (we do everything)

Who is it for?

- Founders who want to participate in production and have a strong POV.- Businesses with a one to three marketers in house. We like to make great things and give them to people who know what to do with them.- You're already sold on content marketing.

Shows that we've launced from scratch


Launch customers can expect to spend nine to eleven thousand dollars for a six week sprintFull Stack customers spend around four to six thousand dollars per month on a one year deal.